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“Cjase Cocèl” Museum of Farming Life 

Ethnografic and AntropologicalScientific and Technological

Cjase Cocèl is an ancient rural house dating back in some of its parts to the 1600s; it has been faithfully reconstructed in order to make known the Friulian daily life and farming work of the era.

The visitor has the impression of finding him/herself in an alive place, a lived-in house where time has stopped. The kitchen, bedrooms, basement, granary, barnyard and work room have all been faithfully reconstructed.

Located in the square opposite the museum are the covering for the threshing machine, the mill and the forge. In front, a new wing hosts on its ground floor both the inn, the furnishings of which originate from ancient local inns, and the dairy, perfectly functioning where the cheese is prepared with the moving fire cauldron method,

On the first floor, a school classroom has been faithfully reconstructed, and on the second floor, a section has been set up that is dedicated to apiculture.

At the museum, one can re-live the life of the times thanks also to the presence of people who carry out various work with ancient tools: we can meet at work the knife grinder (gue), the basket maker (zeầr), the blacksmith (fari), the woman who spins the wool (filandere), and the lace makers.

Tied to the economy of the family home are the activities concerned with clothing, especially women's clothing, from the various textile fibres, to the weaving loom.

The visitor can see faithfully reconstructed the 'Scuola Merletti di Fagagna' (The Lace Makers School of Fagagna), set up by the work of Countess Cora di Brazzà and the senator Gabriele Luigi Pecile, and can read about its history though photographs, documents and products of the time, as well as admiring the lace makers at work.

Image of the Museum 

Image of the Museum 
indirizzo Fagagna 
via Lisignana, 40 
(0039) 0432 801887
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April, May, September, October and November, Sunday 14.30-18.00; June, July and August, Sunday 15.30-19.00; on request on other days and times
Concessions € 2,50, school parties € 2,00; groups € 2,50; full price € 3,00 Services offered: bookshop, teaching activities, guided tour, manual activity demonstrations
tempo medio di visita 2 hours  
accessibilità ai disabili Access for persons with disabilities: only partial 
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