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Palazzo Antonini-Belgrado
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Rossella Malisan

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Malborghetto Valbruna 
“La Foresta” (The Forest) Museum 


The museum, La Foresta (The Forest), in the locality of Bagni di Lusnizza, was set up in 1988 as a result of a fruitful collaboration between the Motorway Society (owners of the museum) and the National Forestry Body (the managing body of the museum).

The museum is submerged in the forest and offers the opportunity to get to know, in an in-depth manner, the environmental situation in the Tarvisiano forest.

Offered at the museum, even for the least expert of visitors, is an exhibition of the naturalistic aspects of the forest with which one can widen one's knowledge of the numerous aspects of its flora and fauna.

The area offers diverse cultural opportunities such as, for example, a 'giadino botanico' (botanical garden) which is located on the exterior. Forest environments of the area have been reconstruction for the purpose of immersing the visitor in the typical vegetation, and they are laid out successively according to their level of altitude - the wetlands, the beech wood, the mixed beech-pine wood, the spruce wood, the larch wood, the lilly of the valley, the Alpine prairie and the rock face.

Furthermore, departing from the museum, one can visit the habitat surrounding the Foresta di Tarvisio (Tarvisio Forest) through a series of nature routes which stretch to the sulphurous springs of the Bagni di Lusnizza.

Image of the Museum 

Image of the Museum 
indirizzo Malborghetto Valbruna 
“Alpe-Adria” motorway northbound direction at the “La Foresta” parking area, Bagni di Lusnizza o S.S. 13 Pontebbana Bagni di Lusnizza 
(0039) 0428 2786
(0039) 0428 60415
Currently under restoration
Free entry
Services offered: guided tours, teaching activities, botanical garden, themed video projections
tempo medio di visita 1 hour 
accessibilità ai disabili Access for persons with disa bilities 
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