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Marano Lagunare 
Archaeological Museum of the Lagoon 


The Museo della Laguna (Museum of the Lagoon) constitutes a collection of findings, starting from the 1970s, which later merged with a small antiquarium and which is nowadays in the interior of the museum. The exhibition collection includes over five hundred articles, for the most part unparalleled, which were recovered, some by chance, in various localities in the lagoons of Marano and Grado, as well along the coastal stretch behind the lagoons.

Through the Neolithic, Bronze and Roman Ages, through to the middle ages and to the Renaissance, the visitor is guided to rediscover the most important stages of the settlement's development, and of the landscape changes of the peri-lagoonar strip.

An introductory section illustrates the geological evolution of the Laguna di Marano (Marano Lagoon) and the distribution within the territory of the ancient settlements.

A glass showcase dispays findings datable to pre- and proto- history originating from two main sites: Bonifica di Muzzana and Ara del Gorgo. The Bronze Age is represented by an interesting winged axe, datable to the later phase of the medium Bronze Age (1700-1350 B.C.), and by a nucleus of fragments of ceramic vases of different shapes and functions, datable to the recent Bronze Age (1350-1200 B.C.).

It includes numerous artefacts which are evidence of daily life in that time: from eating and cooking ceramics to oil lamps, from glassware to objects of common use in bronze, and coins.

Image of the Museum 

Image of the Museum 
indirizzo Marano Lagunare 
Centro Civico, via Sinodo, 28 
(0039) 0431 640506
(0039) 0431 67930
Tuesday 9.30-12.30 and 15.00-18.00, Wednesday 15.00-18.00; upon request on other days and times
Free entry
Services offered: educational workshop for school Guided tour for groups upon on request
tempo medio di visita 1 hour 
accessibilità ai disabili Access for persons with disa bilities 

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