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Palazzo Antonini-Belgrado
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“Luigi and Michele Gortani" Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions 

Ethnographic and AnthropologicalArtistic 

This Carnia museum hosted in Tolmezzo in the nineteenth century Campeis Palace holds a rich and interesting collection of ethnographic, artistic and craft objects, laid out in over thirty rooms.

These rooms have been set up in such a fashion as to reconstruct domestic environments, such as the kitchen, bedrooms and the dining room, the spaces dedicated to work, such as the workshops of the carpenter, the copper beater - brazier, and the weaver, and the extremely famous cramar (ambulant seller).

There are also some sections dedicated to farming and pastoral life, and also monographic halls containing objects ranging from wrought iron to ceramic, masks, portraits and objects of popular religiousness.

The density of the ethnographic material exhibited, which covers a time span from the thirteenth to twentieth centuries, allows one to rediscover social-economic events, the story of taste and of the traditions of the area, taking the visitor back to the climate and atmosphere of the time.

An exhibition is dedicated to popular religiousness, representing nearly every manufactured article, with crosses and religious monograms sculpted, engraved or embroidered on them. The objects underline how a sense of the sacred permeated every instance of traditional life. In this exhibition, next to the objects tied to the domestic cult, wooden sculptures from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries stand out which originate from churches in the area. They portray the saints most dear to popular devotion, skilfully sculpted, painted and gilded.

Image of the Museum 

Image of the Museum 
indirizzo Tolmezzo 
Via della Vittoria, 2 
(0039) 0433 43233
(0039) 0433 43233
from Tuesday to Sunday 9.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00
concessions € 3.00; school parties €2.00; full price € 5.00
services offered: bookshop, guided tour, educational workshop, information point and leaflets
the “Luigi and Michele” Gortani Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions is part of the museum network 'Carnia Musei' (Carnia Museums)
tempo medio di visita 2 hours 
accessibilità ai disabili partial disabled access 

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