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CID Centro Informazione Documentazione (Centre for information and documentation) 

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Built between 1937 and 1942, Torviscosa is a new town, one of those founded in Italy in the Thirties of the XX century in the reclaimed areas and characterized by regime architectures. At the same time, it is a company town, since its foundation is linked to a large Italian company, SNIA Viscosa (which Torviscosa gets part of its name from). At the time, SNIA Viscosa was involved in producing artificial fibers extracted from cellulose and it found in this less used area an ideal territory for an “autarkic” experiment: the grand-scale farming of common cane, in its opinion suitable to provide cellulose, and the settlement of a new large industrial factory to process it.

The Centre for information and documentation CID was created by SNIA Viscosa in 1962 as a representative building in which it welcomed the delegations of foreign companies who came to visit the facilities of the most important Italian textile industry. Today it is the container of excellence of the documentary heritage on the history of the factory town of Torviscosa and of its the industrial enterprise. The architectural features of the CID make it a prestigious venue for exhibitions, events and conferences. It reopened in 2014, after an extraordinary maintenance.

The permanent exhibition of the CID is intended to illustrate the history of the city, highlighting also its ties with the Italian and European context.


Image of the Museum 

Image of the Museum 
indirizzo Torviscosa 
Piazzale Marinotti, 1  
(0039) 0431 927916
Closed until November, 14th 2015
Free entrance           
Facilities: international exhibitions, bookshop, guided tours for groups
tempo medio di visita 1 hour and 30 minutes 
accessibilità ai disabili Access for persons with disabilities 
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