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Centre for information and documentation CID Museum of the Territory of the Low Friulian Plain 

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Torviscosa, an exemplary new town inaugurated on the 21st of September 1938, hosts in the rooms of the Centro di Informazione e Documentazione (CID – Centre of Information  and Documentation) the Museum of the Territory of the Low Friulian Plain.

The museums presents the story of the city, the territory and the industrial situations that have followed each other over the course of time, through an exhibition route characterised by the use of multimedia tools.

An integral part of the exhibition is a plastic model manufactured at the beginning of 1960 representing the factory, the dockyard, the city and one of the seven branches into which the surrounding countryside was divided where, up until 1950, the Giant Cane was cultivated. From this model, one can observe with clarity the rationality of the organisation of this industrial city.

The visitor can also admire some plastic models of the foreign plants of the company, artistic ceramics produced in Torviscosa from 1954 until the end of the 1980s, the film-documentary shot in the Torviscosa plants by Michelangelo Antonioni in 1949, Sette Canne, un Vestito (Seven Canes, One Dress), and works by contemporary artists.

The museum, thanks to its particular conception, is therefore a dynamic organism, capable of varying its contents, offering over time new sections in which further aspects of the low Friulian plain will be studied closely.

Image of the Museum 

Image of the Museum 
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