Palazzo Antonini-Belgrado

Assessore alla Cultura

Francesca Musto

Palazzo Antonini-Belgrado
P.zza Patriarcato, 3
33100 UDINE

Ufficio Cultura
per Musei e Collezioni

Rossella Malisan

Tel. 0432 279736
Fax 0432 279465

Etnographic Museum of Friuli - Civic Museum of History and Art 

Ethnographic and AnthropologicalArtistic 

The palace destined to host the new ethnographic museum of Udine, now in the course of being set up, is know by the name of its last owner, Sante Giacomelli, who inhabited it from 1900. A descendent of a family traditionally tied to the textile sector, Giacomelli also held some prestigious public offices.

In 2010, the palace will welcome a new city museum space dedicated to the expressions and forms of traditional culture, with a route laid out over three floors and halls set up for temporary initiatives.

The Gaetano Perusini and Luigi and Andreina Ciceri collections, which integrate historic sectors of the civic collections, constitute a fundamental part of the set up.

The first is interested in the uses and typologies of traditional Friulian clothing. The second tackles a sacred theme, with wooden sculptures and objects of popular worship, also tackles furniture, wrought irons, ceramics, trade, entertainment, and emigration.

Image of the Museum 

Image of the Museum 
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Palazzo Giacomelli, Borgo Grazzano, 1 
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in the course of being set up
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