Palazzo Antonini-Belgrado

Assessore alla Cultura

Francesca Musto

Palazzo Antonini-Belgrado
P.zza Patriarcato, 3
33100 UDINE

Ufficio Cultura
per Musei e Collezioni

Rossella Malisan

Tel. 0432 279736
Fax 0432 279465

Archaeological Museum 


The rooms located on the ground floor and the mezzanine level of the east wing of Udine Castle host contemporary exhibitions with archaeological and numismatic specimens which are the property of the Civic Museums or which originate from other national and international museums.

Soon, it is foreseen that the archaeological-numismatic section will be relocated with the intention of rediscovering the history of the city of Udine and of the Friulian territory with the aid of the conspicuous museum collections.

Notable amongst them is the Count Toppo Collection, composed of ceramic materials, glassware, cameos, ambers, and metals found in the properties of the Count in Aquileia.

After the relocation, a specific section will be dedicated to the rich and splendid collection of Augusto De Brandis, donated to the museum in 1924, which includes some hundred objects from Greater Greek culture, mainly originating from the archaeological areas of Taranto.

The Lombard period is represented by armament objects and objects of domestic activities originating from various necropolises discovered in different Friulian localities.

A special section will offer a large range of numismatic and medal collections preserved in the Numismatic Study, rich with over sixty thousand coins belonging to various collections which were brought together over time at the Civic Museums: the De Brandis Collection  (specialising in Greek and Roman coins); the Colloredo Mels Collection (rich in Italian medieval material); and the Cigoi-Del Negro-Tartagna and Antonini Collections.

Image of the Museum 

Image of the Museum 
indirizzo Udine 
Civic Museums - Castello di Udine, p.le Castello, 1 
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From 1st May to 30th September, from Tuesday to Sunday 10.30-19.00; from 1st October to 30th April, from Tuesday to Sunday 10.30-17.00
Entry with a single ticket for Civic Museums - Udine Castle; school parties from primary and lower secondary schools € 1,00; concessions € 2,50; full price € 5,00 Services offered: bookshop, art library, photographic archive
tempo medio di visita 1 hour  
accessibilità ai disabili Access for persons with disabilities 
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